Male Factor 2 – Hormonal Activity & Prostate

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Male Factor 2 Hormonal Activity, Prostate & Urogenital Support

Our second supplement for men, works as an add-on to Male Factor 1. Testosterone levels decrease with age, which can trigger a number of changes, such as tiredness & fatigue, energyloss, moodchanges or hot flashes.

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet and enough exercise, ReAge highly recommends Male Factor 2. It contributes to normal testosterone levels and regulation of hormonal activity (Zinc, B5, B6). Furthermore, Male Factor 2 is good for prostate, kidney and bladder function (Urtica, Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto*).


✓ Right combination of clinically-active ingredients 2 capsules per day

✓ Works well combined with Male Factor 1 or 3.

✓ Blisters: hygienic & long shelf life

✓ 60 capsules

60 in stock

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Male Factor 2 combined with Male Factor 1 for ultimate results.

Male menopause is a natural process that all men experience. It involves a gradual decrease in testosterone levels by 1 -2% per year on average. The hormone testosterone helps the body maintain muscle strength, endurance and physical fitness. It has also been associated with blood pressure, cholesterol levels and libido.

Facts about testosterone:

  • Testosterone levels start to decrease around the age of thirty.
  • Men produce approximately 7 mg of testosterone per day.
  • Free testosterone levels decrease by 50-60% between the ages of twenty-five and seventy-five.


What causes a decrease in testosterone?
A decrease in testosterone can have different causes:

  • Testosterone metabolism changes
  • Testosterone production decreases
  • The testosterone supply in the blood changes, testosterone starts to bind more tightly to the SHBG protein and free testosterone levels decrease
  • The effectiveness of testosterone receptors decreases
  • There are interactions with other hormones


Male Factor 2:  how does it work?
Male Factor 2 contains natural and safe ingredients. It works complementary to Male Factor 1. Combined, these supplements contribute to maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood and the regulation of hormonal activity (Zinc, B5, B6).

Furthermore, Male Factor 2 is good for the prostate and for maintaining good prostate function. In addition it’s good for kidney, urinary tract and bladder function (Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, Urtica*). 

Active ingredients and their properties:

  • Vitamin B5: contributes to a normal synthesis of steroidhormones and stress hormones.
  • Vitamin B6: contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.
  • Magnesium citrate: contributes to a normal energy metabolism and fitness. It also contributes to maintaining strong and smooth muscles.
  • Zinc: contributes to maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood and normal fertility and reproduction.
  • Boron: is a valuable trace element.
  • Selenium: contributes to the production of sperm, it’s also good for sperm quality and male fertility.
  • Resveratrol: a polyphenol that’s found in many plants. It works as an antioxidant and contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage*.
  • Urtica Radix (Nettle): maintains a good prostate function and is good for the function of kidney and urinary tract*.
  • Pygeum Africanum (extract of the African Prune tree): good for bladeer, kidney function and the urinary tract. For maintaining a good prostate function*.
  • Saw Palmetto: for maintaining a good prostate function, Saw Palmetto is also good for kidney function and the urinary tract*.


Natural support
Are you looking for a natural way to support your bodily processes? In addition to a healthy and balanced diet we highly recommend Male Factor 2. For ultimate results you can combine with Male Factor 1 or Male Factor 3.

* (Resveratrol, Urtica, Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto) – Health claim awaiting European admission – . 


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