Femeno 2 – Hormonal Balance

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Femeno 2 – Hormonal Balance & regulation – support in menopause symptoms

Top-Quality female supplement. Femeno 2 contains Broccoli-extract and Vitamine B5 & B6 which contribute to a normal synthesis and normal metabolism of steroid hormones and contribute to the activity of hormones in the body.
Works well in combination with Femeno 1 or Femeno 3.

✓ 60 capsules, sufficient for two months of support
✓ Right combination of active ingredients – 1 capsule a day
✓ Works well combined with Femeno 1 & Femeno 3
✓ Blisterpackage: hygienic, long shelf life & easy to travel with!

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Femeno 2 is related to Femeno 1.
Already before menopause, estrogen production starts to slow down, which can affect your daily life. You may experience mood swings, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, night sweats and hot flashes. Menstrual periods become irregular and eventually stop entirely. The last menstrual cycle is called ‘menopause’, but the symptoms can last for years.
Femeno 2 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity (B6) and the normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones (B5) and is an excellent supplement complementary to Femeno 1.
Femeno 2 contains effective natural ingredients, including:
  • Vitamin B5 – which contributes to a normal synthesis and a normal metabolism of steroid hormones (including estrogens and testosteron), is important for energy metabolism, contributes to normal resistance to stress and helps to reduce tiredness and fatique.
  • Vitamin B6 – which contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity, supports the immunesystem, is important for the nervous system, helps with tiredness and fatique and activates the natural energy in your body.
  • Trimethylglycine (TMG / betaine) which is an important methyl donor.
  • Broccoli extract, found in broccoli sprouts.
  • Glutathione which is an important antioxidant.
A healthy lifestyle.
Menopause usually occurs between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five. Exercise, a healthy diet and quality sleep contribute to general health and well-being, even with declining estrogen levels.
ReAge recommends a combination of the effective supplements Femeno 1 and 2.
Femeno 2 is also an excellent alternative for women who prefer a supplement without phytoestrogens or isoflavones. 


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